We Are the Smurfs: Bright New Days! (We Are the Smurfs Book 3)

We Are the Smurfs: Bright New Days! (We Are the Smurfs Book 3)

  • ISBN: 9781419755422
  • Publication Date: April 23, 2024


Price: $8.99

Sunny days and wacky adventures are always on the horizon with the Smurfs in Peyo’s We Are the Smurfs: Bright New Days!, the third volume in this graphic novel series for young readers.

It’s a beautiful day in Smurf Village: The birds are singing, the flowers are growing, and Papa Smurf’s birthday is right around the corner! Excited to celebrate, the Smurfs plan a big event for him. But what happens when one Smurf’s laziness ruins the surprise Hefty Smurf and the others put together for the party? And when another Smurf’s messy ways leads to trouble for a forest friend, it’s up to the Smurfs to take charge and take responsibility!

With three new stories filled with emotional lessons and fun, and back matter dedicated to helping children explore and better understand their emotions, the Smurftacular journeys continue in the third book of this early graphic novel series.

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