Use and Ornament An Exploration of the Improv Quilt

Use and Ornament

An Exploration of the Improv Quilt

  • ISBN: 9781940655499
  • Publication Date: July 9, 2024


Price: $50.00

Use and Ornament: The History and Future of Improv Quilting invites crafters to open the door to creative freedom with free-spirited quilter Nick Ball’s improvisation techniques.

Throw away your patterns and let your imagination soar! Nick Ball’s techniques will offer a liberated approach to sewing and open up a world of creative possibilities. As you experiment with textures, shapes, and colors, you’ll find your own creative way of quilting.

Use and Ornament is a great resource that takes the reader through a journey of the many facets of quilt-making expertise, from preparation, through the elements of design, to completion using the perfect balance of guided instruction and creative freedom.

Includes Color Illustrations