Up Close

Up Close

  • ISBN: 9781613126158
  • Publication Date: April 2, 2013


Price: $12.56

Recognizing and labeling animals has never been so geometrically inspired! Young children will delight in the usual suspects (bunny, pig, frog, chicken, monkey, and lion) depicted in a whole new way. The elements of each zoomed-in face provide only a subtle hint of the animals' identities, inviting children (and adults!) to stretch the boundaries of what defines an animal image. The simple question-and-answer format provides immediate gratification for even the shortest attention spans.

Praise for Up Close
"Wegerif does a remarkable job of capturing each creature's essence in a few simple shapes and bright nursery colors."
Publishers Weekly, starred review

"The text, written in a clear, blocky type, encourages a guessing game."
Kirkus Reviews

"In this inventive board book, colorful, abstract illustrations invite young listeners to participate in a guessing game. Recommended with extra enthusiasm for its ingenuity and high-quality art."
School Library Journal

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