This Joy!

This Joy!

  • ISBN: 9781647008697
  • Publication Date: October 4, 2022


Price: $17.09

Every day is a gift in this exuberant picture book about finding happiness in life’s small moments.

My arms aren’t big enough to hold the whole world . . .
But when I feel this happy, it’s all I want to do!
My voice isn’t loud enough to express this joy!
Why isn’t there a word for feeling this alive?

In this poetic and buoyant story from author-illustrator Shelley Johannes, a young child tries to measure the size of her joy and the depth of her gratitude as she embraces the beauty of the day. Reveling in simple wonders with unbridled enthusiasm, This Joy! celebrates living with arms wide open—because today is a gift!


"A huge dose of joy and a clear reminder to celebrate each day and each other." 
Kirkus Reviews

"Beautiful pencil, marker, and crayon illustrations bring to life the joy in the young protagonist’s world, and it is easy to imagine she could be the artist behind the illustrations as she enjoys activities such as finger puppets and playing with blocks. The short, poetic sentences, made up of a mix of upper- and lower-case letters, combine perfectly with the ebullient illustrations."
School Library Journal