Terrible Times Tables

Terrible Times Tables

  • ISBN: 9781944903756
  • Publication Date: August 6, 2019


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A modern multiplication primer that tackles the terrors of a typical school year. Learning math has never been this much fun!

Inspired by a Victorian math primer, Terrible Times Tables is a modern take on learning one’s multiplication tables, from numbers 2 to 10, featuring elementary school themes of homeroom, field trips, cafeteria food, holidays, and recitals. Featuring a reluctant narrator and a few unwitting critters, learning math has never been so much fun or amusing.


"Math with mischief. . . . the combination of squick, naughtiness, and humor will hold gleeful attention."
Kirkus Reviews

"A charming addition to any math teacher’s toolkit, and a diverting prompt for students learning their not-so-terrible times tables."
Publishers Weekly

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