• ISBN: 9781592704200
  • Publication Date: February 25, 2025


Price: $19.95

A girl does everything with her fish. And the fish does everything with the girl (or at least, everything it can within the confines of its glass bowl). But one fateful day, the fish stops moving, no matter how hard the girl tries to rouse it or how patiently she waits.

​But this is not the end of the story. For the fish gets buried in the yard, so its body can help nourish the roots of an old tree. Time passes, the seasons change, and the fish's body beautifully spreads into the dark earth. Fall, with its swirling leaves, passes into winter and then spring arrives, and with it the unfurling of new leaves. Is this a story of metamorphosis? Has the girl's swimmy friend transformed? Beautifully layered, and beautifully moving through time, this book carries us into that most essential place of life—that of interconnection and participation, for we all belong to the same circle of life.