Super Boba Café (Book 1) A Graphic Novel

Super Boba Café (Book 1)

A Graphic Novel

  • ISBN: 9781419759567
  • Publication Date: October 24, 2023


Price: $24.99

First in a series,Nidhi Chanani’s Super Boba Café isa sweet and magical middle-grade, full-color graphic novel about a secret teashop, an earthquake-causing monster, and an unforgettable summer.

In the fog-laden hills of San Francisco sits a sleepy independent boba café. Run by Jing Li and guarded by her kitty, Bao, it comfortably fades into the background. But inside the boba café, there’s a secret. Jing is the keeper of the monster of San Francisco. Each day she prepares one giant boba for nine hours to feed it.

When Jing’s granddaughter, Aria, comes to stay with her for the summer, she makes it her mission to turn the café around. Aria is quickly aided by Bao, who gives birth to eight perfect kittens. Aria spreads the news of the boba cat café on social media and overnight it is overrun with excited customers. Each day Nainai Li (Grandma Li) finds reasons to close the café, but the demand only increases.

When she opens, the hill monster is left hungry and small earthquakes begin to plague the city. When Aria secretly follows her nainai to the hill monster’s cave, she isn’t sure what awaits. Will Aria be able to reason with the monster, or will she become its new favorite meal? Or might she disturb its underground existence and cause the Big One?


Super Boba Café, like Boba itself, is refreshing, fun, and explodes with sweetness.“
—Judd Winick, bestselling creator of the Hilo series

This book has everything. Intrigue. Boba. Kitties. A monster. Self-discovery. Did I mention boba and kitties? You need to read it.”
—Dana Simpson, creator of Phoebe and Her Unicorn

“If you’re hungry for a monstrous mystery with a sweet side of boba, this book is for you!”
—Kayla Miller, creator of the Click series

Super Boba Café is deliciously surprising, a madcap adventure that blends mystery, thrills, and heart into a literary treat that is both refreshing and delightful (just like the best boba teas).”
—Minh Lê, Eisner-nominated author of Lift and Green Lantern: Legacy

"For readers who enjoy funny, furry, and fast-paced adventures." 
—School Library Journal

"[T]he off-kilter premise is likely to appeal to kids graduating from Dog Man. With lovable characters, cute kitties, lots of tasty food, and a journey of emotional growth and monster hunting, this graphic novel will have broad appeal."


"The attractively colored panels and expressive characters are visually engaging, ramping up both the suspense and the cuteness factor. Refreshing and filled with charm."

Chanani’s inventive graphic novel, featuring an endearing granddaughter-grandmother relationship, explores themes of healing, making new friends, taking personal responsibility, and communicating across generations. 
—The Horn Book Magazine

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