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Strong-Cuevas Drawings Ideas on Paper

Strong-Cuevas Drawings

Ideas on Paper

  • ISBN: 9781419729270
  • Publication Date: May 1, 2018


Price: $75.00

Artist Strong-Cuevas (b. 1929) says her work “expresses thoughts about universal consciousness, space and time, and inner mediation.” Known for her sculptures made from bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum, Strong-Cuevas’s art often portrays the human head and plays with scale. Her drawings are no different. They express the same themes, but are rarely used as a diagram for her sculptures.

A companion to Strong-Cuevas Sculpture, this volume is a beautifully presented retrospective of Strong-Cuevas’s drawings over the last 40 years. The book features 190 images, arranged thematically, and explores the recurring themes in Strong-Cuevas’s art, regardless of medium. With a foreword by art critic Jan Garden Castro, Strong-Cuevas Drawings offers a closer look at the artist’s process of creating expressive works.

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