Stretching Thoughts Nadim Karam

Stretching Thoughts

Nadim Karam

  • ISBN: 9781861543417
  • Publication Date: April 21, 2015


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Stretching Thoughts is an explosion of visual narratives presenting the complete works of architect, painter, and sculptor Nadim Karam (b. 1957), who has created large-scale art projects in cities from Beirut, Prague, and London to Melbourne and Nara. Karam spent a decade studying in Japan before returning to his native Beirut to open Atelier Hapsitus, which has become renowned for urban regeneration projects. The book features the artist’s personal commentary on the adversity of the Middle East as well as a distinct narrative presenting his paintings—published for the first time—and offering his musings on life, war, dreams, and the human condition. Engaged in an artistic battle against the causes of chaos and trauma afflicting the region, Karam’s work is at once poignant and provocative, but resolutely optimistic.

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