Spartacus Road A Personal Journey Through Ancient Italy

The Spartacus Road

A Personal Journey Through Ancient Italy

  • ISBN: 9781468301588
  • Publication Date: April 3, 2012


Price: $15.29

Its success was something no one before had ever known. The Spartacus Road is the route along which this rebel army outfought the world's finest military forces between 73and 71 BC, bringing both fears and hopes that have never wholly left the modern mind. Sweepingly erudite and strikingly personal, The Spartacus Road is a book like none other--at once a journalist's notebook, a reflection on life's fragility, including the author's own fight against cancer; and a classicist's celebration. As he travels along the Spartacus Road and into the classical Italian landscape, Stothard breathes new life into a singular war in antiquity, recounting one of the greatest stories of the ages.

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