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Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy Down Home Classics for Vegetarians (and the Meat Eaters Who Love Them)

Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy

Down Home Classics for Vegetarians (and the Meat Eaters Who Love Them)

  • ISBN: 9781683351597
  • Publication Date: October 17, 2017


Price: $18.65

In Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy, chef and Southern at Heart host Damaris Phillips shares 100 recipes that embody the modern Southern kitchen: food that retains all its historic comfort and flavor but can now be enjoyed by vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.

“Truly puts the South in your mouth, and let me tell ya, you’re gonna dig it.” ―Guy Fieri

In Damaris Phillips’s household, greens were made with pork, and it wasn’t Sunday without fried chicken. So, when she fell in love with a vegetarian, she had to transform the way she cooked. This groundbreaking, full-color cookbook is the happy result. Recipes include

  • Buttermilk Biscuits and Tempeh Gravy
  • Mock Tuna Noodle Casserole
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Bourbon Spaghetti with Pecan Meatballs
  • Gouda & Pistachio Sausage with Quick Kraut
  • Grammy’s Horseradish Meatlesss Meatloaf
  • Kentucky Red Beans & Rice
  • Paneer & Pumpkin Grids
  • And many more!

She even offers recipes two ways, with and without meat. Both Loaded Potato and Bacon Soup and Loaded Potato and Facon Soup! Both My Old Kentucky Home Fried Chicken and My Old Kentucky Home Fried Seitan “Chicken”! And others!

Phillips gives down-home side dishes a makeover by removing meat, adding international spices, and updating cooking techniques, and offers soul-satisfying, irresistible desserts that triumph over the meat-eater-versus-vegetarian divide, every time. Phillips found a way to make Southern food that everyone can enjoy, wherever they are on their culinary journey.

If you love a vegetarian, if you love Southern cooking, you’ll love what Phillips has done for you!

“Vegetarians everywhere will be thrilled!” ―Bobby Flay

“Her knowledge of Southern cuisine . . . comes through on every page. “ ―Alton Brown

Includes color photographs

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