She Speaks The Girls of Greek Myths in Their Own Words

She Speaks

The Girls of Greek Myths in Their Own Words

  • ISBN: 9781915569905
  • Publication Date: October 22, 2024


Price: $19.99

Written by “the new Mary Beard,” classicist Honor Cargill-Martin flips the script in this enchanting anthology of eight Greek myths where women take center stage

In She Speaks, passionate classicist Honor Cargill-Martin redresses this imbalance by retelling eight classic Greek myths, this time from an all-female perspective.

Written in first-person, we hear from the astute sorceress Medea and her pivotal role in the quest for the Golden Fleece; discover the contributions of Cretan princess Ariadne in the slaying of the Minotaur; witness the strength and resilience of Atalanta, Circe, Helen of Troy, and many other women who have been previously overshadowed by their male counterparts.

With her meticulous research and insightful storytelling, readers will be mesmerized as Honor resurrects these voices, breathes new life into well-loved stories, and drags the Classics into the modern world.

Stories include:
PANDORA’S STORY: The first woman on Earth who opened a box—and gave the world hope
MEDUSA’S STORY: Not a monster, but a “monstered” woman accepting herself
MEDEA’S STORY: The astute sorceress’s quest for the Golden Fleece
ATALANTA’S STORY: The strongest women in all of Greece who defied the expectations of her time
ARIADNE’S STORY: The Cretan princess who slayed the Minotaur
HELEN’S STORY: The queen of Sparta who reclaims her beauty—and her throne!
PENTHESILEA’S STORY: The Amazonian warrior who never left a woman behind on the battlefield
CIRCE’S STORY: The mighty sorceress who turned human beings into animals

This enchanting anthology for children ages 8+ features:
• Eight classic Greek myths, specially retold for young feminists
• Insightful storytelling from ‘the new Mary Beard’, classicist Honor Cargill-Martin
• Striking illustrations by Camelia Pham
• Stunning holographic foil on the cover

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