Red Spider Hero

Red Spider Hero

  • ISBN: 9781592701766
  • Publication Date: November 3, 2015


Price: $16.95

Bold and quirky, this imaginative adventure story is about a real insect: the red spider mite.

On a small piece of sidewalk, there once lived a teeming colony of teeny tiny red spiders. These spiders were so tiny that when it rained they never got wet and when people stepped on them they never got squashed.

Even so, they were all quite content living there on the same patch of sidewalk. All except one little spider, who decided that he'd had enough and that the big, wide world was far more suited to him than a teeny tiny strip of sidewalk. So he stamped his feet and hollered and said he would run away. Seeing the little red spider's frustration, his grandfather stepped forward to explore the situation with his grandson and together, in a wonderful shared moment of conversation and imagination, the little red spider succeeds in going off on the grandest adventure ever!

The book's back matter includes a nonfiction section with photos about red ants.