• ISBN: 9781906838515
  • Publication Date: September 24, 2013


Price: $22.95

Rebetiko refers to the fusion of West and East, Greece and Asia Minor, in music. However, to General Metaxas, it is only a reminder of the Turkish influence on his country. The ruthless Greek dictator is determined to crack down on rebetis and their way of life, creating strict censorship. A small group of friends—Rebetiko musicians—wind their way through the Athenian backstreets, ouzeris, and market squares, dodging the police while settling disputes over hashish and women. With music at its heart, the narrative portrays a day in the life of the Rebetiko musicians in Athens in 1936.

Praise for Rebetiko:

"A convincing portrayal of the pressures and pleasures faced by artistic and political outsiders." —Booklist


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