Real Life, Real Family A Guide to Raising Empowered Children

Real Life, Real Family

A Guide to Raising Empowered Children

  • ISBN: 9781419770159
  • Publication Date: April 15, 2025


Price: $28.00

In Real Life, Real Family—the highly anticipated follow-up to national bestseller Real Life, Real Love—the hosts of the podcast The Casey Crew share hard-won lessons from 21 years of parenting.

Since the publication of their successful book Real Life, Real Love, DJ Envy and Gia Casey, collectively known as the Caseys, have constantly been inundated with questions from people all around the world wondering how they create and maintain the patience, focus, and time to raise happy and successful children after all these years. In Real Life, Real Family, they dive deeper into how they’ve created a family unit that’s filled with unwavering love and share with readers the ways they manage to raise low-stress children while nurturing a solid and thriving partnership together.

Unlike most parenting books, which often tell parents what they should and shouldn’t do, Real Life, Real Family is filled with real experiences from two parents who have seen and experienced it all with children of ALL ages—from a 20-year-old to under a year—and who are still actively parenting in real time. The book also delves into more than just the parent-child relationship, as they explore the interesting dynamics between siblings and the mother/father partnership that make families truly flourish.

Whether you’re a parent who is partnered or single, have one child or ten, readers of Real Life, Real Family will walk away with the tools to create a resilient family unit filled with purpose, intention, and love.

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