Princess of 8th Street

The Princess of 8th Street

  • ISBN: 9781613124918
  • Publication Date: January 11, 2013


Price: $15.26

Jane, the Princess of 8th Street, has many royal duties to attend to. Between having tea with her “ladies-in-waiting” (her doll collection), keeping up with her studies (Math for Monarchs and Pink Power are two of her favorite books), and dealing with her horrible toad of a brother, Jane doesn’t often have time to venture from her palace or socialize with other young royals.
But one day, on a trip to the market, her mother insists that Jane go play in the park with the other children. Jane is shy around the other young lords and ladies, and things become even worse when she is confronted by Samantha, the Princess of 10th Street. Will the two princesses be able to overcome their differences? Will Jane finally make a friend?
This cute and clever picture book proves there’s more to being a princess than just dresses and tea parties.

Praise for The Princess of 8th Street:
"Alsenas dresses Jane in pink frills, and the story’s jacket is awash in sparkles, but with tantrums and worries, Princess Jane is identifiably, and most definitely, just a child navigating the world of making friends. A refreshing dose of reality for all those princess wannabes."
Kirkus Reviews

"Alsenas's narration has a lovely sense of formality that instantly establishes a sense of play and welcomes readers into Jane's world."
Publishers Weekly