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Pop-up Embroidery A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Raised Stitches

Pop-up Embroidery

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Raised Stitches

  • ISBN: 9781419766664
  • Publication Date: April 18, 2023


Price: $24.99

A collection of playful, contemporary designs that introduces a new generation of needlecrafters to the charms of raised embroidery

Through step-by-step guides, embroiderer and pattern designer Ashley Denn takes you on a pop-up journey, introducing you to the art of raised embroidery. Your adventure through Pop-Up Embroidery begins with a collection of patterns using one to two raised stitches, then moves on to other collections of patterns using multiple raised stitches in combination with one raised technique. The book concludes with three patterns using an array of already-practiced raised stitches and techniques to create complete three-dimensional scenes.

Denn’s thoughtful progression allows readers to choose whether they want to move steadily through the book from beginning to end or to flip through and take their pick of which projects to complete first. Including more than 30 raised embroidery stitches and techniques—and with ways to apply them in 20 guided in-hoop embroidery projects—Pop-Up Embroidery is an accessible guidebook crafted by Denn, a teacher who makes learning this craft a delightful experience. Additionally, she identifies the materials needed to be successful with each project and includes a directory of raised stitches and techniques—as well as iron-on sheets for easy pattern transfers. This is truly a book for all skill levels, whether you’re new to the craft or simply new to elevated stitches.

Includes Color Photographs

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