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Persian Art Collecting the Arts of Iran for the V&A

Persian Art

Collecting the Arts of Iran for the V&A

  • ISBN: 9781851779338
  • Publication Date: February 27, 2018


Price: $60.00

Persian Art tells the story of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s stunning collection of Iranian art, which spans at least 12 centuries of Iran’s sophisticated cultural history. The objects range from the Ardibal carpet—the world’s oldest dated carpet and one of the largest, most beautiful, and historically important—to archaeological finds and architectural salvage, domestic furnishings and drinking vessels, and complete design archives. Through four case studies, the book investigates how architects, diplomats, dealers, collectors, and craftsmen such as William Morris and William De Morgan engaged with Iran’s complex visual traditions, both ancient and modern, with results that still resonate today in our continued fascination with pattern and form.

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