Party Shirt Cookbook 100 Recipes for Next-Level Eats

The Party Shirt Cookbook

100 Recipes for Next-Level Eats

  • ISBN: 9798887070247
  • Publication Date: September 26, 2023


Price: $24.75

The first cookbook by the Party Shirt guys, the TikTok sensations whose crazy food experiments unleash delicious and unexpected results

In The Party Shirt Cookbook, TikTok powerhouses Xavier Di Petta and Nick Iavarone give you the wild, crazy, and delicious recipes you didn’t know you were craving. They will show you how to take your eating life to the next level, creating super-fun and wacky pairings that anyone can make. With a lot of trial and error, the Party Shirt guys have put together a collection of recipes including: BBQ Rice Krispies Treats, Flamin’ Omelets (think: Cheetos), Chocolate Ramen Crunchies, Oreos and Queso, and Bacon-Wrapped Fried Pickles.

The Party Shirt Cookbook favors the bold—the bold flavors that is! Packed with 100 strangely tasty concoctions and hilarious anecdotes, this book is perfect for snack lovers, adventurous foodies, and junk-food fanatics alike. So head to the kitchen and get ready to put your party shirt on!