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Pantone: Color Puzzles 6 Color-Matching Puzzles

Pantone: Color Puzzles

6 Color-Matching Puzzles

  • ISBN: 9781419709395
  • Publication Date: October 1, 2013


Board Book
Price: $18.99

Encourage children to test their color knowledge with six color-matching puzzles from the authorities on color with this interactive picture book, Pantone: Color Puzzles.

Preschool readers will learn to match shades of the six basic colors in this engaging puzzle book. Each page is dedicated to one basic color and features an illustration and a grid of shades from that color category. Can you match the four removable puzzle pieces from the illustration to their corresponding shade? An appropriately challenging and satisfying matching book for toddlers, preschoolers, and color-conscious adults, this puzzle book enables young children to further their color familiarity in a uniquely engaging way.

An iconic name in graphic design, fashion, publishing, and more, Pantone offers consumer products inspired by the signature Pantone chip design. Collect all the Abrams Pantone books to infuse your child’s bookshelf with a rainbow of bold colors and patterns!

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"Lively interactive fun."
Publishers Weekly