On All Fours

On All Fours

  • ISBN: 9781592703883
  • Publication Date: February 4, 2025


Price: $16.95

A bear cub sets out to discover the world—with a little encouragement from a nearby parent—in this charming picture book from the author-illustrator of New York Times Best Illustrated Book Bear Despair

The best way to explore the world is on all fours! With its four little paws, a curious bear cub dances across pebbles, feels the tickling grass, splishes and splashes in puddles. So delightful are the curious cub’s encounters that even prickly weeds or a little tumble are just part of the fun!

From sensory experience to sensory experience, the bear cub goes on a journey of discovery and surprise that leads it far away from where it started. Perhaps even too far away? Help!! But the moment of panic is soon resolved when the cub is lifted up by two loving arms into a big hug from a parent.

​From acclaimed author-illustrator Gaëtan Dorémus, a charming, brightly colored picture book about exploration, play, budding independence, and security.