Nita's Food Signs An Interactive ASL Board Book

Nita's Food Signs

An Interactive ASL Board Book

  • ISBN: 9781641709514
  • Publication Date: February 4, 2025


Board Book
Price: $14.99

Nita is back for a third installment of the Little Hands Signing series, the pull-tab board books that teach children sign language created by ASL expert Kathy MacMillan

Sign language makes it easy to communicate with your child, and Nita makes it fun! With adorable illustrations by Ekaterina Ladatko, Nita and her family learn 10 ASL food signs throughout the day, from bananas to bread, and a cookie for dessert, putting each sign in context. Even better, each page slides open to reveal accurate instructions on how to make each sign, plus tabs on the side of each page make it simple to locate every sign for later reference. No signing book collection is complete without Nita!