Museum of Lost Teeth A Picture Book

The Museum of Lost Teeth

A Picture Book

  • ISBN: 9781419757051
  • Publication Date: February 7, 2023


Price: $17.99

Find out where the tooth fairy takes all those lost teeth in author Elyssa Friedland and illustrator Gladys Jose’s The Museum of Lost Teeth, a laugh-out-loud picture book, perfect for fans of School’s First Day of School.

Toothy lives in Liam’s mouth next to his best friend Fang. He’s a good tooth—sparkly and strong, and he loves doing the floss.

One day, Toothy notices that he is loose and panics! Where will he go after he leaves his comfy spot next to Fang? After a crunchy apple seals the deal, Toothy is tucked under Liam’s pillow. When the Tooth Fairy appears, she takes Toothy to the Museum of Lost Teeth. It’s a more incredible place than Toothy could have ever imagined. It’s filled with new friends and fun activities like Tooth or Dare! Toothy finds a new home on the Firsts Floor, where first baby teeth are proudly displayed.

The Museum of Lost Teeth answers the question “Where do all the lost teeth go?” in this unexpected and hilarious picture book.

“An upbeat, imaginative, and gently amusing take on tooth fairy lore.” —Booklist


“There’s no mistaking the cheerful look of the digital artwork. This picture book offers an upbeat, imaginative, and gently amusing take on tooth fairy lore.”

“Toothy’s adventure to his new home and Friedland’s punny dental humor ensures a giggly storytime while providing low-key reassurance to kiddos anxious about finding that first wiggly incisor. Bright, full-bleed illustrations make judicious use of white space to heighten the drama at key moments (such as Toothy flailing his legs helplessly while buried face-first in an apple), and they bring comedic energy to a multicultural supporting cast of tooth fairies, kids, and expressive cartoon chompers.”
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

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