Milton Glaser Posters 427 Examples from 1965 to 2017

Milton Glaser Posters

427 Examples from 1965 to 2017

  • ISBN: 9781419729935
  • Publication Date: March 27, 2018


Price: $29.99

From America’s most celebrated graphic designer, Milton Glaser Posters collects an incredible array of his artistry from 1965 to 2017.

Milton Glaser’s posters—more than 450 since 1965—combine conceptual rigor and originality with a mastery of visual language and a high level of artistic expression. Some, like his 1967 Bob Dylan poster for Columbia Records, are icons; others, like his series celebrating “I Love New York,” evoke his best-known work. Milton Glaser Posters includes them all in color, with Glaser’s own commentary describing his thought process and inspiration.

This book is a delight for the art lover, an education in visual expression, and an entertaining journey through the cultural life of half a century, all rolled into a single compact, intense volume.