• ISBN: 9781910593707
  • Publication Date: October 15, 2019


Price: $34.99

A powerful, provocative, and politically charged fictionalized memoir

Mikel lives with his wife and two children in Costur, an idyllic Spanish town surrounded by hills. He has a job selling candy, but Mikel is a dreamer, not a businessman, and money is tight. What’s more, the ordinariness of smalltown life is preventing him from fulfilling a life-long dream: to become a writer.

Seeking both drama and financial security, Mikel takes a job as a bodyguard. His family is soon uprooted to the Basque Country, where Mikel is charged with protecting politicians from the armed separatist group ETA. It is a job that provides drama worthy of the page—but only at the cost of fear, uncertainty, and family breakdown.

In Mikel, author Mark Bellido draws on his own experiences to create a powerful and provocative story about a man who risks everything in the pursuit of a dream.


“Miguel might be a hired gun, but his story finds the heart behind the hardware.”
Publishers Weekly

“Belgian artist Vanistenpael’s art captures the world of Mikel evocatively.”
The Beat

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