Meanwhile Pick Any Path. 3,856 Story Possibilities.


Pick Any Path. 3,856 Story Possibilities.

  • ISBN: 9780810984233
  • Publication Date: March 1, 2010


Price: $17.99

Follow the tabs to create your own story in award-winning author/illustrator Jason Shiga’s groundbreaking, bestselling “choose your own adventure”graphic novel, Meanwhile: Pick Any Path. 3,856 Story Possibilities.

A boy stumbles upon the lab of a mad scientist who asks him to choose between testing a mind-reading device, a time machine, and a doomsday machine.

Using an ingenious system of tubes and tabs, readers can decide what to explore in this completely engrossing experiment in storytelling. Sometimes the page reads right to left, sometimes up and down, and sometimes jumps from beginning to end. It’s sure to appeal to kids—and comics collectors—eager for an interactive, funny read.

“Crazy + Genius = Shiga.” —Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics

“If humankind ever finds itself at the brink of its own destruction and I am given the task to fill a small, space-bound time capsule with a collection of ten graphic novels that would present to alien eyes the best that the cartoonists of Earth had to offer the universe, Jason Shiga’s Meanwhile would surely be among my picks.” —Gene Luen Yang, author of American Born Chinese