Matisse's Garden

Matisse's Garden

  • ISBN: 9780870709104
  • Publication Date: October 7, 2014


Price: $19.95

One day, the French artist Henri Matisse cut a small bird out of a piece of paper. It looked lonely all by itself, so he cut out more shapes to join it. Before he knew it, Matisse had transformed his walls into larger-than-life gardens, filled with brightly colored plants, animals, and shapes of all sizes! Featuring cut-paper illustrations and interactive foldout pages, Matisse’s Garden is the inspiring story of how the artist’s never-ending curiosity helped turn a small experiment into a radical new form of art.


'Eight reproductions of Matisse's cut-paper work appear throughout, some on gatefolds, and a brief biography closes out this strong study of an artist's thought processes and growth."
Publishers Weekly

"In its inventive approach to teaching art history, this book should inspire teachers and students alike to experiment with color, shape and form in the same free and expressive mode as the master."
Kirkus Reviews