Mama's Belly

Mama's Belly

  • ISBN: 9781419728419
  • Publication Date: April 17, 2018


Price: $16.99

As a curious little girl awaits the arrival of her baby sister, she asks Mama many questions: “Will she have freckles?” “Will I have to share my blanket?” She helps Mama and Dad prepare to meet her little sister, singing her songs and knitting her a new blanket. But the most important part of getting ready is taking care of Mama. When Mama can’t see her toes, she counts to make sure there’s still ten. When Mama’s tired, she draws her a picture and gives her hugs. An honest and gentle exploration of the excitement and anxiety kids feel when welcoming a new family member, Mama’s Belly is ultimately a celebration of motherly (and daughterly) love and a soothing story for older siblings that even with the spotlight on a new baby, there is always enough love for everyone.


"Halpin creates a tranquil natural landscape in her lush, earth-toned paintings, while indoor scenes are infused with warmth; the absence of modern technology, beyond an array of snapshots, provides an air of timelessness. Readers awaiting the arrival of a sibling will gain assurance that there will be more than enough love to go around."
Publishers Weekly

"The brilliant jewel tones on mostly white backgrounds keep the focus on the family relationships and the girl's shifting emotions . . . A good book to share with children eagerly awaiting their own siblings"
Kirkus Reviews

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