Look What I Can Do!

Look What I Can Do!

  • ISBN: 9781613124949
  • Publication Date: March 15, 2013


Price: $16.15

Things get easier every day. Just watch what I can do today! This affirming story celebrates how baby animals in the forest accomplish goals, whether it's a baby bear finding food, a young spider spinning a web, or a small bird flying from the nest for the first time. The tender, rhyming text compares these achievements to those of a child who is learning to ride his bike or catch a ball.

The perfect story to encourage young readers to try new things or keep the faith when faced with challenges, Look What I Can Do! honors the important milestones that children achieve each day.

Praise for Look What I Can Do!

"Baby animals strive to "stand up strong," leap high and "spin a trap." But learning is full of challenges, distractions and fun. In this message-driven tale, children see how various creatures struggle to develop and gain confidence."

Kirkus Reviews

"This gently affirming tale is perfect for parent-and-child sharing and offers many opportunities for discussion."

School Library Journal


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