Look No Further A Novel

Look No Further

A Novel

  • ISBN: 9781419757402
  • Publication Date: August 15, 2023


Price: $18.99

The Parent Trap meets The Vanishing Half in Rioghnach Robinson and Siofra Robinson’s Look No Further, a gripping YA novel about estranged siblings who meet for the first time at art camp and confront their differing experiences of race and identity.

When 17-year-old Niko and 15-year-old Ali meet at Ogilvy Summer Art Institute, a selective camp for art students in New York City, they seem like complete opposites. Ali comes across as standoffish to laid-back Niko, who feels like a fish out of water surrounded by so many type-A peers. So when a teacher assigns them as pairs for a genealogy project, Ali and Niko are shocked to find they have a lot more in common than they bargained for.

As the pair embark on a quest to uncover their shared history, Ali finds herself falling for her roommate—who may have already fallen for another girl at Ogilvy—and surfer-bro Niko struggles to find his footing in the glamorous NYC art scene. Soon they’re both questioning their preconceptions about the world and each other. But only when they face real heartbreak can they accept the most transformative revelation of all: the best art is what you make, not just what you see.


"Via Niko and Ali’s alternating conversational narration, the Robinson authors, siblings, approach the experience of identifying with multiple cultures within homogenous environments in a simultaneously messy and multifaceted manner, organically building toward hard-earned and affecting self-revelations and making for an emotionally resonant collaboration."
—Publishers Weekly

"The authors organically weave in issues of cultural and artistic identity as well as the expected humor and romantic drama of residential programs, and the character development is refreshingly deep. This engaging story sensitively explores biracial experiences, family, and self-expression."

"Told in alternating perspectives, this contemporary story of literal found family will resonate with contemporary readers looking for a blend of conversations around identity, themes of family and boundaries, art, and a bit of mystery."

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