London Calls

London Calls

  • ISBN: 9781849762304
  • Publication Date: May 5, 2015


Price: $13.95

Big Ben is chiming, it’s quarter to eight, and London is calling, we mustn’t be late!

From the creators of A Possum’s Tail comes another fun, rhyming adventure. London Calls zooms past parks and palaces, monuments and museums—all the major sights and sounds of the British capital—at a pace that readers of all ages will find exhilarating.

In this thrilling tour—by red double-decker bus, the Tube, bicycle, boat, and on foot!—a mother and daughter see parks and paintings and palaces, ride the London Eye and look out for ghosts in the Tower, shop, stop for tea, and make the acquaintance of Nelson’s Column, the Gherkin, and the Shard, not to mention a whole host of other characters who make London the rich and diverse city that it is today. Expressing all the energy, history, and excitement that London has to offer, London Calls is both a perfect introduction to and memento of an unrivaled city

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