Little Hare Finds a Gift

Little Hare Finds a Gift

  • ISBN: 9781636551166
  • Publication Date: September 24, 2024


Price: $18.99

A new holiday classic in the making with a message for all that highlights the spirit of gifts and giving

One morning Little Hare wakes up to a thud on her roof. When she goes outside to investigate, she finds a gift-wrapped package has landed on her house. So starts a search to find the owner. She drags the package all over the forest on the back of her sled, but no one knows whose it is, until she bumps into a large figure dressed in red and white with a long white beard and glasses. This charming story follows the unfolding adventure as Little Hare helps to avoid a disaster and save Christmas for all her forest friends. Little Hare is rewarded for her generosity and selflessness with her own special gift. With delightful pastel art, Shatokhin has penned a tale that wonderfully embodies the spirit of the gifting season.