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Knit Vibe A Knitter’s Guide to Creativity, Community, and Well-being for Mind, Body & Soul

The Knit Vibe

A Knitter’s Guide to Creativity, Community, and Well-being for Mind, Body & Soul

  • ISBN: 9781419732799
  • Publication Date: October 8, 2019


Price: $29.99

A knitting adventure with projects, patterns, rituals, yoga, creative inspiration, numerology, knitting experts, astrology, community, and more

Vickie Howell, the DIY channel’s popular queen of fiber, pens a love letter to knitting with The Knit Vibe—a book like no other—with interviews, patterns, and an in-depth look at the knitting community and the creative potential of knitting. Dive into a special section on the health benefits of the craft, catch a glimpse of knitting’s superstars in conversation with Howell, or try your hand at loads of how-tos and projects from the likes of Bristol Ivy, Kaffe Fassett, Diva Zappa, Amy Small, and many more.

“Pick up some yarn, start where you are, get creative” is the message Howell weaves through the book and her online series, The Knit Show. Gathering inspiration from all facets of the knitting universe, the book offers chapters on The Makings (go-to knitted gifts), The Surroundings (cool projects for your knitting space), and The Intention (vibe-y rituals, yoga, and self-care all every knitter—and would-be knitter—craves).


"From inspirational interviews with kniteratti including Kaffe Fassett, Erika Knight, former Vogue Knitting editor Trisha Malcolm, Diva Zappa, and Siedah Garrett to yoga poses, vitamins, and rituals for stitcher-specific self care, The Knit Vibe is like your coolest, Palo Santo-burning girlfriend who also knows her way around two-color brioche."
Vogue Knitting

"...not like anything you’ve seen in a knitting book before."

"…the chapters on intentions and community enhance the stitch-by-stitch joy that all makers know."
Yarn Market News

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