Just One Flake

Just One Flake

  • ISBN: 9781647006037
  • Publication Date: October 10, 2023


Price: $15.54

Just One Flake isa hilarious celebration of wintertime, curiosity, and outdoor play in this author-illustrated picture book debut from acclaimed creator and elementary school librarian Travis Jonker.

It’s snowing outside! Liam rushes out into the squall, determined to catch one perfect snowflake. He tries any number of tricks to complete his mission, but each time he is thwarted.

He sticks out his tongue and looks up . . . nope. He builds a snowman, climbing up to get a little closer to the snow . . . still nope. He runs around the yard—tongue still out—because faster is better, right? Wrong! Nothing seems to work. Until, in a final leap of faith, he catches that one flake . . . in a way he never expected. And the snowflake itself is pretty unexpected too.

From librarian and picture book creator Travis Jonker comes a hilarious and satisfying story all about outdoor play and the natural world’s stunning surprises.


"suggests that fulfilling the spirit, rather than the letter, of a quest can garner significant rewards."
—Publishers Weekly

"Highly recommended, this humorous and cozy book is an excellent ­addition to any collection."
—School Library Journal