June Moon A Board Book

June Moon

A Board Book

  • ISBN: 9798893960112
  • Publication Date: May 28, 2024


Price: $8.99

Author Lynn Becker and illustrator Nate Carvalho’s board book June Moon is a whimsical bedtime story that sparks imagination and laughter as the moon mirrors a child’s playful actions, becoming a cherished favorite for young readers year-round and a perfect bonding experience for parents and children before sleep.

Rising moon
Shining moon,
Magic as a June moon.

A story of seasides and summertimes, in June Moon, the rising and setting of the moon mirrors a child’s imaginative play and bedtime routine, all bathed in the natural magic of an evening in June.

With gorgeous illustrations and seamless transitions between reality and the fantasy of a child’s view of the night sky, readers of all ages will reach for this lilting bedtime poem again and again.


A poetic, dreamy delight, this early childhood poetry book centered around the moon is magical and flowing. Perfect for toddlers and even preschoolers, this book carries us through where we can find the June moon. The June moon rises, is seen on the beach as the protagonist, a preschooler himself enjoys pretending to set sail on a pirate ship, then enjoys bath time, brushing his teeth, climbing into bed, snuggling with the moon and then watching it set as he gets ready to fall asleep. A wonderful introduction to adjectives and vibrant verbs as well as rhythm, the imagery filled language along with the soft pictures creates a joyful reading experience. Students may be motivated to create their own moon poems after listening to this book or perhaps creating poems that are centered around a different topic. The use of repetition brings the rhythmic language to life! This book will be read again and again as there is something new to find each time and on every page.
—Children's Lit

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