Is This the Bus for Us?

Is This the Bus for Us?

  • ISBN: 9781636550589
  • Publication Date: June 20, 2023


Price: $17.99

Patience pays off for Leo and his sisters as they wait for the right bus to take them to the park!

Leo and his family are waiting for the bus, but each one that passes just isn't the right bus for them. First a red bus filled with a hen, a cow a duck, a goat and a horse, and driven by a sheep goes by, bound for the farm. Next a yellow bus jam-packed with fish, sharks and octopuses passes on it''s way to the aquarium. When will a bus for people come by?

Kids will hoot and howl with delight as one bus after another, filled with assortments of animals and sea creatures, passes Leo and his family in this comical and charming story. They will join in the repetitive phrases as they predict and identify the colors of the buses and the destination of each one. And, in the end, patience pays off for Leo and his family as the bus arrives to take them to the park. Questions for discussion and labeled parts of a bus are provided to encourage further conversation.

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