Inspiring Fashion Textile Revolutions by Première Vision

Inspiring Fashion

Textile Revolutions by Première Vision

  • ISBN: 9781419744136
  • Publication Date: March 10, 2020


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How fashion becomes fashion: innovations in textiles

The Vision group has been a source of inspiration for fashion professionals the world over for 45 years, constantly inspiring and making sense of the latest trends. Its international trade fairs have become events for all industry creatives who seek out makers of fabrics, leather, accessories, and more to help innovate their collections and make their lines successful. This book, beautifully illustrated with archival images, photography from magazine features, and portraits of craftspeople and designers, recounts the story of the group, originally formed by 15 weavers from Lyon, France, and focuses on the fashion revolutions of the past decade. For those interested in fashion, here is a new perspective on its creation and a glimpse into the industry of the future.