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Inside Tangier Houses & Gardens

Inside Tangier

Houses & Gardens

  • ISBN: 9780865653702
  • Publication Date: September 17, 2019


Price: $75.00

Interior designer Nicolò Castellini Baldissera joins forces with fashion and interiors photographer Guido Taroni to showcase the most beautiful homes Inside Tangier.

“An enthralling new book looks inside the most stylish homes of Tangier.” —

A white-walled city perched between Morocco and Europe, Tangier was long a haven for the literary and artistic avant-garde—and black sheep—of Europe and America. Now a new generation of residents are blending color, pattern, and taste to create an interior aesthetic all their own.

Inside Tangier explores a selection of these exceptional properties and their eccentric inhabitants—from antiques dealer and collector Gordon Watson and interior designers Frank de Biasi and Veere Greeney to the late fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and antiques dealer Christopher Gibbs—providing rare insights into the sometimes bohemian, sometimes extravagant, but always stylish “Tangerine” lifestyle.

Nicolò Castellini Baldissera has skillfully put together a group that represents the diversity of what Tangier means to its residents, and to the world of design, all masterfully photographed by Guido Taroni.

“The homes, gardens, and rooms documented are mouthwateringly beautiful . . .” —The Daily Beast

Over 250 color photographs


“It’s the Moroccan city that has long attracted a bohemian class of folk from Europe and America. . . . This volume looks at some of the city’s more recent inhabitants. . . . Readers learn fast while the city remains alluring.”

“An enthralling new book looks inside the most stylish homes of Tangier.”

“The homes, gardens, and rooms documented are mouthwateringly beautiful. . . . All make you desperate to be friends with these chic designers, and all convince you that the joy many get just from walking the streets of Tangier is a blissful ignorance as they’ll rarely get to see the kaleidoscopic wonders arrayed being the often simple street doors.”
The Daily Beast

“Baldissera, a renowned interior designer and Tangier transplant, takes us on a tour of the most beautiful homes in this Moroccan city in his lavish and delicious book.”

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