I, Jack Russell A Photographer and a Dog's Eye View

I, Jack Russell

A Photographer and a Dog's Eye View

  • ISBN: 9781861543219
  • Publication Date: January 1, 2013


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Whether at rest, work, or play, or hamming it up for the camera, Jack Russell terriers can’t help but be adorable. Originally bred as hunting dogs in 19th-century England, these days they spend more time chasing photo ops than foxes—at least in the world of photographer Andy Hughes, who spends his days canine-spotting across the UK and U.S. to document the intelligence, tenacity, and quirky personalities of these endearing animals. A somewhat embarrassing discovery—that Hughes had more photos of dogs than people—led him to celebrate his dog’s-eye view of life, culminating in a trip to the Sunshine State Jack Russell Terrier Club Trials in Florida to capture the paws célèbre in motion. The playful and spontaneous shots in I, Jack Russell are accompanied by Hughes’s happy musings about the hounds that have him spellbound. Contributions by two renowned dog experts set the photos in context.


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