I Am Ready for School! A Board Book

I Am Ready for School!

A Board Book

  • ISBN: 9781419761683
  • Publication Date: July 18, 2023


Price: $8.99

Prepare your little one for their first day of preschool or kindergarten with this uplifting board book from the Empowerment series from Stephen Krensky and award-winning illustrator Sara Gillingham.

I fit just right in every chair.
With toys and books for me to share.

Reassuring rhyming text introduces preschoolers to their first day of school, where a welcoming teacher, a cheery classroom, and new friends await! The Empowerment series addresses the small victories of growing up and starting to embrace the world on your own terms with encouraging text and retro-fresh color illustrations.

Celebrate the milestones of toddlerhood with the whole series.


Bright shapes that seemed clipped from construction paper are just as expressive as the few words; this eloquent book wastes no breath on hot air but shows with a ducked head just how huge being ready for school is.
—SchoolLibrary Journal

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