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I Am Courage A Book of Resilience

I Am Courage

A Book of Resilience

  • ISBN: 9781419746475
  • Publication Date: September 5, 2023


Price: $8.99

Encourage kids to find their inner strength with this board book companion to the New York Times bestsellers I Am Human and I Am Love!

I move ahead one breath at a time.
I act with bravery.
I am courage.

When we picture someone brave, we might think they’re fearless, but real courage comes from feeling scared and facing what challenges us anyway. When our minds tell us, “I can’t,” we can look inside ourselves and find the strength to say, “Yes, I CAN!”

From author Susan Verde and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds, the #1 New York Times bestselling team behind the I Am series, comes a triumphant celebration of everyday courage: believing in ourselves, speaking out, trying new things, asking for help, and getting back up no matter how many times we may fall. Grounded in mindfulness and awareness, I Am Courage is an empowering reminder that we can conquer anything.

Inside, you’ll also find mindfulness exercises to inspire confidence.


"A vivid array of vibrant backgrounds evoke the range of moods experienced by the children, who themselves are drawn as distinct individuals with expressive faces. . .For young readers who need help believing in themselves and for those with friends who do the same." 
Kirkus Reviews

I Am Courage Activity Sheets

I Am Courage Activity Sheets by Abrams Books

Illustrator Peter H. Reynolds talks about his favorite scenes from the book

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