Hysteria Graphic Freud Series


Graphic Freud Series

  • ISBN: 9781906838997
  • Publication Date: November 10, 2015


Price: $24.95

Hysteria is a graphic novel account of the first steps, errors, and frustrations of Sigmund Freud’s career, which would lead to the foundation of a revolutionary new clinical therapy: psychoanalysis. The book traces Freud’s early training in neurological research and medicine; the crucial turning-point of his studies with Jean-Martin Charcot at La Salpêtrière; and his establishment of a therapeutic practice in Vienna.

Perfectly matching text and illustrations, Hysteria recounts Freud’s interest in his colleague Josef Breuer’s "Anna O" case study, as well as giving an account of his own case histories of hysteria, particularly the treatment of Fräulein Elisabeth von R. The studies brought to life in this authoritative, beautifully illustrated graphic novel are collected in Freud and Breuer’s co-authored Studies in Hysteria, which marked the birth of psychoanalysis.


“Anyone who doubts that, in the right hands, the graphic novel can make daunting, unlikely subject matter accessible and fascinating is directed here; highly recommended to all readers looking to broaden their intellectual horizons.”
Library Journal online (starred review)

“Graphic biographies are entering a more mature, nuanced phase, demonstrated by Appignanesi’s entry in the Graphic Freud series . . . a sharp reflection on medical hubris.”
Publishers Weekly online