How to Paint Without a Brush The Art of Red Hong Yi

How to Paint Without a Brush

The Art of Red Hong Yi

  • ISBN: 9781647006747
  • Publication Date: April 11, 2023


Price: $31.50

From internationally acclaimed artist and social media force Red Hong Yi, a visually captivating showcase of art made from everyday objects—including tea bags, flower petals, and eggshells—with several do-it-yourself projects

How to Paint Without a Brush introduces the artist’s creative process—the tools and methods she employs and the motivation behind her work. Organized by artistic medium, including eggshells, matchsticks, flowers, and ink stamps made from vegetables, Red’s book shares an array of creative techniques as well as stories from significant moments in her art career. Timely and inspiring, with its focus on nontraditional art-making methods using common household objects, this book features a do-it-yourself section suggesting several projects that readers can try at home to push their own creative boundaries.

Combining years of artistic experimentation with Red’s personal journey, How to Paint Without a Brush will capture the interests of people from all skill levels—from the casual hobbyist to the emerging artist—in contemporary art making.

Includes Color Images

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