Hidden Hope How a Toy and a Hero Saved Lives During the Holocaust

Hidden Hope

How a Toy and a Hero Saved Lives During the Holocaust

  • ISBN: 9781647000899
  • Publication Date: March 14, 2023


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A Sydney Taylor Honor Book

Written by Emmy Award–winning journalist Elisa Boxer and movingly illustrated by the acclaimed Amy June Bates, Hidden Hope is the award-winning, remarkable true story of how a toy duck smuggled forged identity papers for Jewish refugees during World War II.

During World War II, a social worker named Jacqueline bicycled through the streets of Paris, passing Nazi soldiers and carrying a toy duck to share with the children she visited. What the Nazis didn’t know, however, was that Jacqueline wasn’t a social worker at all, but a Jewish member of the French Resistance.

Families across Europe went into hiding as the Nazis rounded up anyone Jewish. The Star of David, a symbol of faith and pride, became a tool of hate when the Nazis forced people to wear the star on their clothing and carry papers identifying them as Jewish, so that it was clear who to arrest. But many brave souls dared to help them.

Jacqueline was one of them. She risked her life in secret workshops, where forgers created false identity papers. But how to get these life-saving papers to families in hiding? The toy duck held the answer.

Hidden Hope, a true story, celebrates everyday heroism, resilience, the triumph of the human spirit, and finding hope in unexpected places.

Includes photographs of the actual toy and real forged identity papers


“With extensive back matter supporting both the author's and the illustrator’s work, this is a harrowing account of one girl’s bravery and a compelling assurance for youth that everyone has a potential hero within.”

“An important true account to add to all collections. Gauthier’s inspiring story will spur on anyone who doubts just how much difference one young person can truly make.” 
School Library Journal

"Bates’s atmospheric watercolor and gouache paintings emphasizing black and muted red tones propel the scenes with varied, inventive compositions.”
The Horn Book Review

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