Hekla and Laki A Picture Book

Hekla and Laki

A Picture Book

  • ISBN: 9781990252310
  • Publication Date: September 17, 2024


Price: $21.99

A comforting, poetic picture book about the beauty and brutality of life and death, inspired by two Icelandic volcanoes, from award-winning creator Marine Schneider

Carried in by a strong wind, a tiny creature named Hekla twirls delicately into a crater, falling at the feet—and, very suddenly, into the life—of an old giant named Laki. Each is vastly different from the other: Laki is a solitary being, preferring order and calmness, while Hekla is young, spirited, and messy. But in their newfound state of coexistence, they learn to live together and help each other grow, forging an attachment that binds them in life—and in death. Inspired by two Icelandic volcanoes, Hekla and Laki is a masterstroke of text and image about the beauty and the brutality of life, the passing of knowledge over time, and the sense of optimism that emerges in death.


"A visually compelling and emotionally gratifying glimpse at learning how to hold on and let go."
—Kirkus, starred review