Split Seconds: Havana Photography by Abe Kogan

Split Seconds: Havana

Photography by Abe Kogan

Photographer Abe Kogan
Foreword by Richard Edlund


Price: $85.00

  • Publication Date: December 4, 2018
  • Imprint: Cameron Books
  • Trim Size: 11 x 13 34
  • ISBN: 9781944903459
  • Page Count: 176
  • Illustrations: More than 100 black-and-white photographs
  • Rights: World/All

In July 2015, Abe Kogan navigated the streets of Havana, camera in hand, capturing the evocative beauty of an isolated island frozen in time. Kogan’s black-and-white photographs, devoid of picturesque tropical landscapes and charming beach scenes, are provocative, intimate portraits of the daily lives of the Habaneros. These inner-city vignettes reveal Havana’s urban pulse and focus on the dynamic community that inhabits a world on the brink of change. This book captures life on the pavement, which is where Havana’s citizens spend their time—gossiping over balconies and languishing in the doorways of the once-glorious buildings that have fallen into ruin, their expressions marked by both vitality and hardship.

About the author

Abe Kogan is an international entrepreneur, as well as a writer, photographer, FIA Historic Formula One Class A champion racing driver, and film producer. His latest film, Matra Racing—The Rebirth, directed by Christian Dixon, is now in worldwide circulation. Kogan is fascinated by time and change and is on a unique mission to photojournalize a sequence of countries and cities, each for their particular attributes within the nature of time and change.