Grandpa Across the Ocean

Grandpa Across the Ocean

  • ISBN: 9781647003128
  • Publication Date: April 27, 2021


Price: $15.29

Though separated by language, age, and an ocean, a child and grandparent find common ground in the warm, witty picture book Grandpa Across the Ocean.

Grandpa lives on the other side of the ocean.

He takes naps all the time. He eats different foods. He speaks an unfamiliar language. His house is the most boring place on Earth!

Or is it? A little time together just might reveal that Grandpa is also a great singer, an energetic sandcastle builder, and a troublemaker . . . just like his grandson!

With her signature warmth and humor, award-winning author/illustrator Hyewon Yum shares the challenges and joys of having a relative who lives far away—proving that even from across the ocean, the grandparent-grandchild relationship is a very special one.


"Illustrated with colored pencil, the scenes are light and filled with patience and love. The grandfather is frequently shown at the same eye level as the child, highlighting the importance of physical connection. An effort is made to translate simple Korean words to English, and many will recognize the awkward feeling of understanding a different culture."
Kirkus Reviews

"Charming... Told in a pitch-perfect kid voice with a satisfying narrative arc, Yum’s sweetly comedic picture book will resonate with any reader who has experienced diasporic—or generational—tension with an older relative." 
Publishers Weekly

"Young readers will be comforted and entertained by the evolution of the relationship between the boy and his grandfather... Yum’s witty, brief text perfectly and humorously complements her simple but expressive illustrations. The circumstances will resonate for children who have family far away."
School Library Journal

"Gentle and patient... Use this to prepare kids for their own visits with faraway grandparents or just to demonstrate how an initially strange place can turn to home." 
Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"This is a simple story with an important message that young readers and their caregivers will appreciate: take a little time, make a little effort, and all will be well." 

"Sweet and funny... The straightforward text is easily accessible, and the colored-pencil illustrations are bright and vibrant. Faithful representations of street scenes and food culture in South Korea invite readers from the same background to connect personally with the visual narrative, while allowing others to experience something new."
The Horn Book Magazine

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