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Good Night!

Good Night!

  • ISBN: 9781419713668
  • Publication Date: September 1, 2015


Price: $7.95

A string of comically stylized parent-and-child animal pairs say “good night” and “sleep tight” to each other in masterful couplets—a chick’s “cheep cheep” is answered by a chicken’s “cluck cluck”; a puppy’s “ruff ruff” is returned with a dog’s “woof woof”—all leading up to a human toddler and her dad at bedtime! This second title in a brand-new board book series on animal (and human) first words by award-winning author/illustrator Ethan Long is sure to make tucking in a lot more fun!

Also by Ethan Long: Thank You! and Lion & Tiger & Bear: Tag You're It!


"Lightning may not strike twice in the same place, but Long comes close with this companion to Hi! ...Adults and new talkers will enjoy playing with the onomatopoeia and identifying the animals."
Kirkus Reviews


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