Good Hair Day

The Good Hair Day

  • ISBN: 9781647006938
  • Publication Date: May 23, 2023


Price: $17.09

A boy dreams of long hair in this sweet story about self-expression and embracing our most authentic selves

Noah has a special day coming up, and he has a very long wish list. But there’s one thing missing from it, the thing he wants more than anything else in the world: long, beautiful, wavy hair.

Noah understands that his hair will grow if he just doesn’t get a haircut. But almost all the boys that Noah knows have short hair, and he’s heard people say mean things about men with long hair. So, he just doesn’t think he’s allowed to ask.

When a fresh trim brings Noah to his lowest point, it turns out his caring family has been paying closer attention than he thinks—and they have an idea that will show Noah it’s okay to be his gorgeous self.

This heartfelt, witty, encouraging story from Christian Trimmer and J Yang will empower kids to share their true selves with the world.


“Combined with backmatter offering helpful “conversation starters” around “gender, identity, and self-expression,” this tender validation of one boy’s emotional experiences around his gender presentation is a valuable, affirming tale for all children. A heartwarming story that’s ultimately about far more than hair.”
Kirkus Reviews

"Noah's sweet story is a tidy example of how natural desires of self-expression are squashed by the arbitrary rules and roles of our toxic gender binary. Kids will have zero problem relating, and adults may find themselves unexpectedly moved, too, by the undeniable truths on display."


 "An affirming, supportive community sets The Good Hair Day apart...The back matter provides gentle and clear conversation starters which will prove indispensable for educators and families seeking vocabulary to use when discussing gender, identity, and self-expression." 
—School Library Journal

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