From One Bank to Another: D'une rive à l’autre

From One Bank to Another: D'une rive à l’autre

  • ISBN: 9781419751219
  • Publication Date: March 16, 2021


Price: $165.00

A visual and literary journey to two Bordeaux vineyards in France’s Gironde estuary

In southwest France, the Gironde estuary is an open-sky mirror that links Château Rauzan-Ségla in Margaux and Château Canon in Saint-Émilion, two Bordeaux vineyards owned by Chanel. For over a year, photographers Patrick Messina, Jérôme Bryon, Brice Braastad, Thomas Dhellemmes, and Luc Manago posted their cameras around the properties to capture this landscape of wine and water. In From One Bank to Another, the artists’ five distinct perspectives illustrate the First-Growth wines and their environments. Bryon creates structured lines to reveal architecture and material. Braastad gives a testimony of daily life, following the works of the vineyard and the wine cellar. Messina reveals the hazy atmosphere and timelessness felt on the estuary shores. Manago shows the life that runs through these historical buildings and the art of welcoming and sharing the passion for wine. And Dhellemmes grasps the ephemera through intimate, emotional moments. Throughout, historian and novelist Patrick Wald Lasowski navigates the works to illuminate the context of this elusive estuary. With beautiful photography and storytelling, From One Bank to Another is a love affair of wine, art, and environment.